Give Your Pussy What It Wants

Avi Love got busted by her friends mom Olive Glass sniffing some of her panties as she waited for her daughter to return home. Instead of making Avi feel ashamed, she made her feel welcomed. She grabbed her out of the bed and began to ferociously kiss her in the hallway. Avi knew she was in good hands. Before long Avi was sitting on Olives face feeling pleasure she never knew existed. Avi returned the pleasure to Olive by mimicking the tongue action on her mature clit. Olive was pleased. The girls then took some time to scissor each other and lick each others assholes before the big black dildo was brought out. After that, lets just say things got pretty damn interesting.

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Pornstars: Avi Love Olive Glass
Kategorien: Pussy Mutter Höschen Daughter Reif Black Dildo Pretty High Heels Umschnalldildo Lesben Short Hair Brünette Tattoo Bedroom MILF
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13 May, 2018
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