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I had Amanda Estela on my casting couch today, a 19 year old beauty interested in stripteasing. A friend who was a dancer, a former client of ours, had recommended our agency: Amanda was looking for a safe environment to fulfill her fantasies, so what better place than here, and what better time than now? She got to stripping for me, and the first thing I noticed was her great tits. When I saw her booty I couldn't help but kiss it, and then her. We fucked on the couch, and I taught her how to make a woman cum. When I took out my dildo to finish her off, I could tell this was a life-changing experience for Amanda.

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Pornstars: Amanda Estela Daphne
Kategorien: Striptease Couch Beauty Friend Booty Dildo Amateur Lesben Porno-Casting Naturtitten Brünette Spielzeuge
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25 Dec, 2017
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