We Live Together - Slutty Roommate

I showed up at Ana Foxxx’s place to interview her for my show and the foxy ebony greeted me wearing only a shirt and panties! She took me on a tour of her new place while I started interviewing her. Then, we heard some sudden moaning! I asked her what it was and she told me her roommate Vera Bliss just won’t stop masturbating! Then, she asked me if I wanted to see! Who could say ‘no’ to that?! I followed Ana as she led me down the hall to Vera’s room and we caught her red-handed! Vera was surprised at first, but she didn’t stay pissed for long. She pulled Ana on the bed and the two sluts started making out! Then, they started licking and playing with each other’s nipples and tight wet pussies, completely forgetting I was there! Of course, I filmed everything and here it is for your enjoyment!

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Pornstars: Ana Foxx Vera Bliss
Kategorien: Schwarze Frauen Bedroom Selbstbefriedigung Fetisch Amateur 69 Black Gorgeous Teens Gemischtrassig Lesben Küssen Muschilecken Höschen Naturtitten Kleine Titten Voyeur Femdom Lesbian Black Teen Girlfriend
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09 Nov, 2017
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