Moms Lick Teens – Hurry Up

Chanel needs to use the bathroom, but Mary, her stepdaughter, is already in there getting ready and she’s taking forever! Mary is determined to take her sweet time, especially when she discovers her stepmom’s vibrator and decides to try it out! Meanwhile, Chanel is growing impatient… When she hears the sound of her vibrating toy, she barges into the bathroom and catches Mary masturbating! How dare she use her toy?! That’s when Chanel decides to teach her naughty stepdaughter a dirty lesson and shows her how to properly use the vibrator! Soon, the two horny sluts are licking each other’s nipples and the toy is suddenly not be enough to satisfy them… That when they take turn licking and fucking each other’s dripping wet pussies!

Hinzugefügt: degnev2
Pornstars: Chanel Preston Mary Moody
Kategorien: Teens Bedroom Selbstbefriedigung 69 Spielzeuge Cheating Lesben Pornostars/Babes Große Titten Fake Tits Dessous Seducing Lesbian Milf Femdom Lesbian Bad/Dusche Gorgeous
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19 Oct, 2017
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