Dyked – Sexy Scoundrel Gets

Savana Styles comes home to a mess made by her stepdaughter Ivy Jones! This is not the first time this has happened either. Ivy is such a slob and Savana is fed up. Savana goes to Ivy’s room to tell her off, but instead catches her jerking off in the master bedroom! This is enough and has to stop now. Savana barges in on Ivy, grabs her by the neck, then forcefully finger hooks her pussy so she will listen to her. Ivy seemed to listen, but didn’t fully start to understand until Savana was savagely licking her asshole. It was quite uncomfortable for her, but then again it was uncomfortable for Savana to deal with her mess everyday. The dyking continued and escalated to some hardcore dildo fucking. Hopefully Ivy decides to change her ways, but even if she doesn’t, this hot lesbian action was sure as hell worth it!

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Pornstars: Ivy Jones Savana Styles
Kategorien: Jerking Off Hardcore Bedroom Große Titten Fingern Amateur 69 Rotschöpfe Naturtitten Rough Sex High Heels Rasierte Muschi Long Hair Kaukasische Mädchen Spielzeuge Blondinen Reality Lesben Umschnalldildo Femdom Chubby Milf Tight Pussy Big Dildo
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10 Jul, 2017
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