Embracing Brothers Boner

Haley was excited to meet her new stepbro! She barged into his room hoping to shower him with kisses and hugs. The only impediment was she actually stepped in on him jerking off, but boy was that the nicest cock she has ever seen in real life. Why not show stepbro how cool you are and jerk him off? Major brownie points. Now that they were acquainted, Haley figured it would be ok for her to lounge around in her undies. If thats ok, then it shouldn't be a problem for stepbro to prance around with his boner out right? Well yes, but only if he plays with Haleys pussy to make up for it ;). Tensions were high at this point, and stepbros dick was hard after that day, but finally Haley said the magic words. I WANT YOUR COCK! Stepbro couldn't deny her, and pounded that step pussy right there on the couch. He didn't even care if mom and dad saw, all he cared about was getting his nut and smearing it all over his little sisters not so innocent face.

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Pornstars: Haley Reed
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01 Mar, 2017
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