More Than Friends

Aubrey wanted to get fucked but her booty call was busy playing softball so she started to masturbate while looking at some nude pics. Her roommate Katelinn arrived from a yoga class and Aubrey was startled; she quickly took her hand out from her panties. Katelinn greeted her BF and then went to take a shower. Aubrey soon followed and recorded Katelinn showering. She was eventually busted but Katelinn was turned on. They sensually kissed and then tongue fucked each other.

Hinzugefügt: degnev2
Pornstars: Kate Linn Aubrey Rose
Kategorien: Höschen Blondinen American Porn MILF Pornostars/Babes Lesben Brünette Domination White
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25 Nov, 2016
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